Turkey Visa(E-visa)

  • This is a formal document which allows people to enter and travel to Turkey. The Turkey Visa(E-visa) can be used instead of a Turkish Visa which is supplied at Turkish missions and ports of entry. If you are applying for the Turkey Visa(E-visa), you will obtain your visa electronically once you have issued any information regarding a payment by paypal or a credit or debit card that is required. The card payments that are accepted are MasterCard or Visa.

  • On your final step of applying for the Turkey Visa(E-visa), we will send you email which will inform you of the fact that your application has been successfully completed. Your Turkey Visa(E-visa) can be verified at the passport control and it can be checked by the officers in their system. Although, it is better to keep a copy of your Turkey Visa(E-visa) for example on your smart phone or a PC so it is more convenient. You are also advised to keep a hard copy of your Turkey Visa(E-visa) in case of a system failure.Just the same as with other visas, the Turkish officials do have the right to deny entry to their country to someone who has the Turkey Visa(E-visa), even without explaining their reason.

What is required for my Turkey Visa(E-visa) application?

  • To be able to apply for the Turkey Visa(E-visa), you will be required to be an owner of a travel document that is valid for 6 months minimum from the date that you wish to enter the Turkish country. Other requirements may be needed depending on what nationality you are. However, you will have information regarding what documents you need as it will list all the requirements after you have selected your country.

Advantages of Turkey Visa(E-visa)?

  • • Turkey Visa(E-visa) can be applied for easily as long as you have internet connection.

    • It is fast, convenient and time saving.

    • No need to apply for a visa at the Turkish Missions or at the ports.

Can I only enter Turkey at the specific date stated on my application?

  • The valid period of your Turkey Visa(E-visa) starts from the date that you have put down on your application however, you do not have to enter Turkey on that exact date. The Turkey Visa(E-visa) will be valid within the period of the date that you have stated on your application.

What happens if my travel dates change?

  • Unfortunately, you cannot amend your Turkey Visa(E-visa) for a change of dates, you must apply for a new visa.

Is a separate Turkey Visa(E-visa) required with people who are travelling with me?

  • Yes, it is necessary that each person who is travelling into Turkey has a valid E-visa.

Can I stay in Turkey longer than the permitted date of the Turkey Visa(E-visa)?

  • If this is the case and you want to stay in Turkey for a period of time that exceeds the Turkey Visa(E-visa) permits, you are required to apply for a residence permit. This can be done at the Local Police Station. It is important that you understand that Turkey Visa(E-visa) is given to trade and tourism purposes only. If you have applied for a different type of visa, such as students or a work visa, you will need to submit to the Turkish Embassies as an Turkey Visa(E-visa) will not cover this. It is crucial that you do not stay longer than your visa as you may be charged with fines or even be deported from Turkey and in worst cases, you will also be denied entry in the future.

How long before my date of travel should I apply for Turkey Visa(E-visa)?

  • You are welcome to apply for this Turkey Visa(E-visa) any time before your travel. However to be safe, apply at least 48 in advance.

How long is the Turkey Visa(E-visa) valid for?

  • The validity period of the Turkey Visa(E-visa) will depend on your country. To find out how long you are eligible to stay in Turkey for, see the eligibility section here Eligibility. Once you have done that, you will be able to check the information which will tell you how long you can stay in Turkey for.

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